About us

Boygal is an Oslo-based jewelry brand launched in 2019 by Martine Breen and Andreas Bjørkeng Sogn.

Martine has a bachelor's degree in product design from OsloMet Univeristy, and has worked with visual merchandising in the retail industry and as a product photographer for one of Norway's leading fashion houses. Andreas has a bachelor's degree in graphic design from Westerdals and has worked as a graphic designer for the past 5 years.

Martine and Andreas met each other in high school, and since then they always wanted to do something creative together. With different creative experiences and different skills from design and fashion, they complement each other well in relation to running their own brand together.

Our vision

With Boygal, they have a desire to create a brand that stands out. They want to focus on creativity and challenge the Scandinavian expression through their visual expressions. Boygal is a jewelry brand for everyone, and they work every day to make Boygal a brand that helps create more diversity in the fashion industry. They want the jewelry to be defined by the customer, instead of designing jewelry according to a specific type of style or for a specific target group. Their goal is to create freedom to express themselves throughout their jewelry.

All collections are designed based on different themes, and there will therefore be completely different aesthetic factors for each individual collection. They want to create a universe around each collection, and they place as much effort on graphic design, images and video as they put on the jewelry design itself.

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