Jewelry Care & Sizing

To maintain the shine and shape of your jewelry, it is necessary to take good care of your new pieces.

We recommend avoiding direct contact with water and chemical products. Chemical products such as various make-up, hairspray, perfume and detergents can affect the material and in the worst case cause discoloration.

You should always remove your jewelry when exercising, washing, swimming or doing other things where you are in contact with water or hard activity for a long period of time. We also recommend that you keep your jewelry away from all sources of heat. Take of your jewelry when you go to sleep, this is not just for the safekeeping of your jewelry, but also for yourself to avoid various injuries.

Boygal jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver and 925 sterling silver plated with 14K gold. 925 sterling silver is a soft material, and over time, you will notice possible scratches and wear and tear on your jewelry. This happens to all jewelry, especially rings, because these pieces is mostly exposed as we always use our hands for something. Usage marks on the jewelry will also blend into each other over time, making them less visible. You can always bring your jewelry to a professional jeweler to get a retouch. There are also simple steps you can do yourself, such as gently wiping your jewelry off with a soft cloth.

Scratches and notches does not fall under the right of claim as these are considered common signs of using your jewelry. To prevent your jewelry from being exposed to extra wear and tear, we recommend storing your jewelry separately, in Boygal's jewelry boxes. We also recommend that you bring your jewelry to a professional jeweler annually, for a professional check of locks, chains, gold plating and to clean your jewelry.

Scratches and small dents are not considered a defect, but just a sign of normal wear and tear.

All items are treated with anti-tarnish treatment. Still, silver might tarnish or oxidize over time. To avoid this as much as possible, gently wipe your jewelry clean with a soft cloth after each wear to remove any dirt or oil. Silver polish can also be bought at any goldsmith.

For our gold plated items, we recommend to only wipe the jewelry with a damped soft cloth. Don’t use any soap, silver polish or chemicals and also avoid any contact with similar chemicals. Gold plated items will normally tarnish over time, and the more wear and tear the product is exposed for, the faster the gold plating will disappear. When not wearing your gold plated items, we always recommend to store each item individually in the provided Boygal jewelry box.

For gold plated items we recommend annual service at a goldsmith who can professionally maintain the gold plating of your jewelry. Boygal does not cover expenses in connection with the maintenance of jewelry due to normal wear and tear.

We hope you will be satisfied with your new pieces!


Finding the right size

Finding the right ring size can be difficult when ordering online. We recommend you to visit a local goldsmith to get your preferred finger measured correctly. In a hectic everyday life we also understand that this may be difficult to find time for. Therefore we made you a size guide to print out so you can measure and find your size at home. Please make sure you print it out without any kind of scaling. Step by step information on how to measure is displayed in the guide, please download the guide here

International size conversion table, can be downloaded here